Testing Hydraulic Hoses: What You Need to Know

When it comes to repairing or replacing a hydraulic system, it's essential to take the necessary steps to ensure that the parts are installed correctly. A testing company can inspect repairs and make sure that the hose assembly meets the required specifications. It's important to identify the working pressure of the system and the PSI rating of the hydraulic hose, as pressure increases, so must the rating. If you suspect that a hose is leaking or damaged, act quickly and make the necessary repairs or replacements.

Dimensional checks must be done to guarantee that the hose meets the dimensions specified for its respective type of 100R series hose. The reinforcement materials used can be of three types, although combinations are often used to increase pressure capacity. The minimum operating pressure and maximum breakage pressure must be indicated on all hydraulic hoses. In some cases, a hydraulic adapter may be needed to complete the installation of a repaired hose.

The cold bending test is done by immersing the hose assembly in a fluid at a low temperature and flexing it until the minimum bending radius is reached. It's essential to make sure that both the fittings and cut ends of the hose are clean before continuing with the repair. Oil resistance studies are conducted to confirm that the hose and materials can withstand prolonged exposure to hydraulic fluid. The length of the hose must also be taken into consideration, as a hose that is too short will be more prone to dangerous failures. Many equipment uses angled connections to position their hoses and allow oil to flow more freely. A dynamic test (fatigue) is required to test the hose assembly to its limits.

Equipment manufacturers that specify hydraulic hoses that meet SAE and other industry standards have solid documentation that shows that their chosen hoses will meet or exceed published performance and life ratings. Whether you're working with an agricultural tractor, a delivery truck, or an industrial machine, it's important to make sure that your hydraulic hoses are durable enough to meet your needs. Seven questions accompanied by each letter will help you identify which hydraulic hose is right for your situation.

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