How to Safely Dispose of Old or Damaged Hoses from an Air-Operated System

When it comes to commercial hoses or any type of hose, many people are left wondering how to properly get rid of them. Do you just throw them away? Can they be recycled? At ASJ Hose, we want you to have quality commercial hoses that you can use safely and effectively in your field of work, but we also want you to know the best ways to dispose of your old hoses. After all, the way old hoses are disposed of can have an impact on the environment. No matter which route you choose to take when disposing of your used commercial hose, you'll need a new one.

Whether it's a hydraulic, fire, air, pressure hose or any other type of commercial hose, ASJ Hose in the United States has got you covered with the best quality supplies for your application. We don't want to trick you into spending money on a poor quality product, so we only offer top-of-the-line hoses, clamps, valves, and other hose supplies from manufacturers we trust. When it comes to disposing of old or damaged hoses, there are several options available. The most important thing is to make sure that the hose is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.

If the hose is still in good condition, it can be donated or recycled. If the hose is damaged or worn out, it should be disposed of properly in accordance with local regulations. If the hose is made from rubber or plastic, it can be recycled at a local recycling center. If the hose is made from metal, it should be taken to a scrap metal yard for recycling.

If the hose is made from fabric or other materials, it should be taken to a hazardous waste facility for proper disposal. ASJ Industrial Hose and Fittings is a family-owned business that has been serving the North American industrial hose community since 1982. We understand that proper disposal of old or damaged hoses is essential for protecting our environment and keeping our communities safe. That's why we offer quality products and services that help our customers get the job done right. If you're looking for more information on ASJ Industrial Hose & accessories, check out these resources.

We have everything you need to keep your air-operated system running smoothly and safely.

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