What Type of Fittings are Used to Connect Tubing in a Hydraulic System?

Hydraulic fittings are essential components used to connect hoses, pipes, and tubes in hydraulic systems. These fittings must be strong, reliable, and versatile to ensure safe and effective operation in their respective applications. There are two main types of fittings used for hydraulic hoses: all-metal and O-ring. An all-metal connection seals against pressurized fluid through metal-to-metal contact, while an O-ring connection forms a pressurized seal by compressing the O-ring between the two coupling halves.Hydraulic fittings are used in a variety of machines and equipment in major industries, such as the manufacture of hydraulic systems and assembly lines, water and sewerage systems, oil refineries, and construction sites.

To guarantee proper installation of hydraulic hoses, the correct accessory must be selected, the depth of insertion must be known, and a hydraulic crimper must be used. It is also important to choose the right type of fitting for the application, hose size, assembly, sealing type, and design.When connecting hydraulic hoses, it is essential to wear protective clothing and release the pressure from the system first. Reusable hydraulic fittings are connected to hoses using a wrench and clamp, while permanent hydraulic fittings (also known as crimped fittings) require a crimping machine. With the increasing popularity of portable hydraulic crimpers suitable for mobile technicians and on-site use, reusable hydraulic accessories are gradually losing popularity.The need for reliable hydraulic operation without leaks became more acute during World War II due to the higher operating pressures necessary in military aircraft hydraulic systems.

To ensure safe operation of your hydraulic system, it is important to inspect for any leaks or damage and arrange for repairs immediately.

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