How to Spot a Damaged or Worn Out Hose in an Air-Operated System

Checking the fluid level and type of fluid used in an air-operated system is the initial step to identify if the hose is damaged or worn out. Using a flashlight to inspect the hose for cracks, swelling, blisters, etc. can help determine if it needs to be replaced. If the right equipment is available, creating a new hose is an option.

Otherwise, it's best to go to a reliable hose replacement center and get a new set of pneumatic hoses manufactured. Taking the damaged hose with you can help ensure all parts are easily identifiable. Leaky or damaged hoses or connectors can be very hazardous, as they could break under pressure and cause serious injuries. A lack of pressure due to air leakage can lead to machine malfunctions and other issues.

If the hose is damaged and then pressurized, it could cause injury when it “explodes” out. Installing safety cables for air hoses on all pneumatic hoses is a good tip to prevent any potential damage. Knowing the telltale signs of a damaged hose will save time and allow for repairs and replacements as quickly as possible. Marking the cover of the new hose according to the recommended value in the catalog before inserting it into the connection, and then pushing the hose into the connection until the end of the housing is aligned with the mark, are essential steps when replacing a hose.

Establishing an effective maintenance program for hoses is key to extending their lifespan. It's important to be aware of any signs that may indicate a damaged or worn out hose in an air-operated system. Regularly inspecting hoses for any visible signs of damage can help prevent any potential accidents or malfunctions. Installing safety cables on all pneumatic hoses is also recommended to ensure safety.

Additionally, having an effective maintenance program in place will help extend the lifespan of your hoses.

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