What Kind of Hose is Used in Hydraulic Systems? - A Comprehensive Guide

Hydraulic systems are used in a variety of industries, from construction to agriculture, and require a specific type of hose to ensure efficient operation and safety. Thermoplastic hoses are often used in general hydraulic systems, material handling, forklifts, and nearby electrical systems. These hoses can withstand pressures similar to those of 1-wire and 2-wire hoses, but can be installed in applications where a rubber hose with wire reinforcement would not work. The standard hydraulic hoses EN, 1SN, 2SN, 4SP and other types have different structures for use with glycol, oil, fuel and other hydraulic fluids.

Hydraulic hoses are usually constructed of rubber or flexible wire and have a series of layers to give the hose its strength and durability. The operating environment in which the hose will be used will help you start searching for the right material. Some places and conditions, such as temperature or exposure to aggressive chemical elements, will cause the most delicate materials to degrade and decay over time, resulting in a less efficient hose, higher replacement costs and a greater potential for damage to the entire hydraulic system. If you use hydraulic hoses for liquids at extreme temperatures, or if you have liquids that must remain at a specific temperature, the hose you choose must be able to operate within these guidelines and meet the conditions required by your specific needs.

We offer several shielded hoses for the drilling industry, such as Kelly hoses, throttle and disposal hoses, and BOP hoses. The changes in the length of the hose when pressurized range from 2% to 4% while the hydraulic mechanisms are in operation. We also offer a wide range of hydraulic fittings for different scenarios, ensuring stable pipe connections between hydraulic hoses. Because these components are essential for efficient operation and, in many situations, for human safety, hoses must meet the specific requirements of a hydraulic system.

The accessories that connect the hose to its source and destination must also be sufficient to manage extreme pressure. The bolted coupling is attached to the hose by turning the outer coupling housing over the outer diameter of the hose. Thermoplastic hydraulic hose has a promising future and has been widely used in construction equipment and hydraulic equipment in recent years. A number of spiral wire hydraulic hoses are offered, including a four-wire spiral hydraulic hose, a multi-spiral hose, and a hydraulic hose reinforced with spiral wire.

You will find hydraulic hoses on factory production lines, in fleet vehicles and in plants (such as those used in the construction sector) and for commercial agriculture. To ensure that your hydraulic hose is the best fit for your application, contact Devine Hydraulics today. They can provide you with all the information you need about different types of hoses available on the market so that you can make an informed decision.

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