Types of Seals Used in Hydraulic Systems: A Comprehensive Guide

Hydraulic seals are an essential component of hydraulic systems, providing power to the cylinder and preventing hydraulic fluid from flowing past the piston. They are designed to retain hydraulic fluids, exclude solid or liquid contaminants, and maintain hydraulic pressure. There are many different types of seals used in hydraulic systems, each with its own unique purpose. Piston seals are one of the most common types of seals used in hydraulic systems.

They provide power to the hydraulic cylinder by preventing hydraulic fluid from flowing past the piston. Rod seals are static hydraulic seals commonly used for sealing hydraulic cylinders. They prevent rod corrosion and help lubricate wiper joints and rod joints, as well as protecting the system from external contaminants. Polyurethane hydraulic seals are also available and are the most commonly used material in hydraulic seals.

The important functions of hydraulic seals include preventing leaks, protecting the system from contamination, and thus improving the life of hydraulic systems. Allegheny York offers all the elements needed for virtually every hydraulic sealing and hydraulic cylinder sealing application. With their wide range of products, they can provide solutions for any type of sealing application.

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